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Go to 10 complementary suppliers to deal with. Build an aggregated list with the 10 of them. Cross promote those business. Send NevBoxes to everyone after the first sale. And Keep improving my saleskopy. Regarding the kidnaping. I will explain to my suppliers or partners my problem to raise the money from them in exchange of stocks in any of these 3 business. I just have usd.

I think it gets 8hours. I think I earn or more in one day. I have no idea how to do this but I really want to thank you for running these.

Are you ready to boost your revenue?

Hats off to you and I wish you great success. If by chance I do ever get my amazing new bricks to market, I know that I can make over a million a week! My bricks can be placed even by kids. They float on water so they can be easily transported anywhere in the world. When I get my factory going, I can produce over 1 hundred thousand bricks every 4 hours.

Good luck on your making 1 million. Where do I send the flowers?

I want your bricks. I am from India- New Delhi.

How would you make a million dollars in one month?

I can sell your bricks. My contact no. I would market your breaks sire ,it would make wave in Africa at may be a low capital rate and high income hayazy13 gmail. So Mr. Reason behind it, that I actually learned and that alone should be rewarded hahahahaha ; Love your comment! When I was younger, my father would post ads in the newspaper. A purchase was made, and a product given. I would come up with about half of the million, because come time of the transaction, they already proved to be a bit off in the first place. So you just cut the ransom in half.

Has a lot to do with profiling. Just saw this. People who make a living kidnapping are not too smart — retirement comes early. You can even show them the law that shows banks have to report the deposit. You are going to deliver the funds and do them a favor. These are difficult to find going forward but easy to find looking backward.

Then I would sell it. I think that I would team up with those friends who are good at creating Android Apps and programming, then I would look up and find out which Apps and games do people like the most, after that we would design a viral App that could stay at the peak of play store for at least 25 days…. Hey, I am a high school kid. I am wondering how would I make money without getting a job.

Where to Start

I am obviously not allowed to buy real estate or stocks. Got any ideas? I know one of my classmates made a game that makes him every three weeks. Buy and sell stuff for money. Make and sell stuff for money. Provide a service and sell it for money. Learn a skill and tell people about it for money. From what I understand, Nev started with number 1 light up and glow , then moved into 3 copywriting , and then 4 consultancy. I started with 2 making silly little websites for a company then gradually moved up to 4 training and consultancy.

The key thing is just to start with something. You have to learn to hustle. Buy gum wholesale and sell it at a profit, mow lawns, go house to house, buy antiques at boot sales and sell them at a profit, buy electrical goods on Black friday and sell them at a profit. All of these things will build your persistence, character and confidence in your entrepreneurial ability. The thing is, ideas are cheap and plentiful, everyone has ideas, but not everyone has the bloody minded persistence to take them through despite hardship, stress and uncertainty.

That would indeed be a good thing to do. There is a massive shortage of competent programmers.

3 Simple Steps to Set Achievable (Yet Ambitious!) Real Estate Goals

If you get really good at programming you will likely always be rich and successful. For every successful app there are hundreds of credible flops that get a few downloads and then disappear forever.

If you want to go the programming route, you could do worse than starting with web design. Bad stuff happens. People get hurt in some way; physically sometimes emotionally because of a domino effect I accidentally triggered; after so many times I just sorta quit using them altogether; not even sure if I could stir it back up if I wanted to. I mean, I would think the first half of this item is named after you duh, right?

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Well, if I had to come up with that kind of money within 30 days, I would do it illegally. Yes, you can sell the rights but main cities and add scarcity to bring the first fast. It may not be honest, but 1. In reality, I would hope I could come up with something a little more honest than that. I always felt that two items kept me out of politics — my inability to lie with a straight face, and this tiny little item called a conscience. Make an energy drink called Average Kok.

Sell it to the masses. Use a very low entry price so everyone buys it.

Let's get started

After everyone drinks Average Kok, rally a group of celebrities for a presentation where they all receive 1, Koks with their name on it. These are no Average Koks, these are unique : 4. Tell them to give their 1, Koks to their rich, cool friends post Instagram pictures with it, etc so everyone wants one, but they cannot buy one at the store. Sell some stores these unique Koks on one term: they can only sell these to people who bring in an empty bottle of the exact same Kok.

Now everyone wants these unique Koks. Make the price really high and profit! To save my good looking kidnapped child, I would make a list of of the most interesting cities in the world — US and abroad. I would then find amateur photographers in each of these cities who have a large databank of fascinating photos of these cities. I would tell them that I need to recoup my production costs before they can get royalties.

Also, in the second month, I could start paying the interns.