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Recite it after thy prayers. His servants sanctify Him and praise Him with sweet melody, and say: "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of holy name; the whole earth is full of His glory"; and do not refuse me, in the name of X, who lives for ever, and in the name of Ditimon, etc.

And the King of the Universe utters this name also in a different manner, thus -- X. You swift messenger, do not tarry and do not frighten me, but come and do all my wants in the name of X, the great One, who sees and is not seen, AHVH, whose Ineffable Name is revealed to the heavenly hosts; and I conjure you by this Ineffable Name, such as it was revealed to Moses by the mouth of the Lord over all, X, the Lord Sabaoth is His name. Blessed art thou, O God, lord of mighty acts, who knowest all the mysteries.

He said to him: "If thou wishest to get wise and to use the 'Sword,' call me, and conjure me, and strengthen me, and fortify me, and say: 'X, with the great, holy, wonderful, pure, precious, glorious, and awe-inspiring secret Name X, with these letters I conjure thee to surrender to me and make me wise and attach to me the angels which minister to the "Sword," in the name of the Revealer of mysteries.

Send me X, who is the cover of the Cherubim, to help me. Blessed art Thou, Lord of the Sword.

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Blessed art thou, King of the mysteries, Lord of the secrets, who hearkenest unto prayer. This is the "Sword. The first list commences with Tobat, Tsbr, etc.

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These numbers are added by me to make the formulas run parallel with their magical applications in Part III, as already explained in the Introduction. I refer to them as they break up this part in convenient smaller portions, and are easily discernible. After these follow the words]: "With these your Names, and with the powers you possess, to which there is nowhere anything like I conjure you to show me and to search for me, and to bring me X to do all my bidding in the name of X," and, again, a list of names, that have no special characteristic in common.

To HVH is added. From Nos. Every name from on to the end of this part finishes with - el , after which follow varying syllables and words: some are only JH or JV Nos.

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If at full moon? To break mountains and hills, to pass dryshod through the water, to enter the fire, to appoint and to depose kings, to blind the eyes, to stop the mouth, and to speak to the dead, and to kill the living, to bring down and to send up and to conjure angels to hearken unto thee, and to see all the mysteries of the world, write Nos. Against a spirit that moves in the body write on a plate No.

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Against a spirit that burns write No. Against a spirit in the whole body write No. Against a demon shidda write No. Against shingles write No. Against quinsy erysipelas? For pains in the ear whisper in the painful ear No. For aches in the eye say the words No. For cataract say the words of No.

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For grit in the eye say over Kohl No. For blood that runs from the head whisper No. For paralysis say seven times over a vessel full of water and seven times over sesame-oil the words No. For pains in one half of the head neuralgia? For the bad deafening of the ear write No. For pains in the ear say into the left ear the words No. For deafness say over hemp water, whilst mixing it with oil of "Idi" sesame?

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  • For scabs, ulcers, itches, mange, shingles, etc. For jaundice say the words No. For pains in the nose and for the spirit in the nose say No. For pains in the stomach lit.

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    For hot fever say No. For tumors, etc. For an evil occurrence? For ulcer diphtheria?

    For a man bitten by a snake or by another! For a woman who has seen blood before the time my No.

    The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (text of 1834)

    For pains in the mouth say No. For quinsy croup and for pains in the shoulder, say No. For a painful nerve write No. For stone my over a cup of wine No. For hemorrhoids take tow and put salt on it and mix it with oil, saying over it No. For a man who suffers from swelling and from venereal disease?

    For sprains, either you take a plate and write upon it No. When injured or hurt by iron, and for every blow that it should not fester, say No. For cramps? For the gall and the bowels take the water in which raisins have been soaked, saying over it No. For the spoiled liver take a drink a sixth measure of water-lentils and say No.

    For the milt say No. For the spirit who rests on the womb, say No. For a woman who has a miscarriage, say No.

    The Ancient One

    For a man who is bald, say No. To conjure a spirit write on a laurel-leaf: "I conjure thee, prince whose name is Abraksas, in the name of No. To remove a rich man from his riches, say No. To heal leprosy, take the patient to the side of the river and say to him: "I conjure thee, leprosy, in the name of No. Amen, Amen, Selah"; and he is to go down and dip seven times in the river, and when he comes out write an amulet with the words "I conjure -- Selah," and hang it round his neck.

    For diarrhea write No. If thou wishest that the rain should not fall upon thy garden, write out No. If thou wishest to see the sun! Whosoever wishes to enter a furnace is to write No. If thou seest a king or a ruler and thou wishest that he follow thee, take a basin of water and put into it the root of genip-tree, and the root of purslane, and the root of Artilochia , and say No. If you wish to overawe them, take water from the fountain and say upon it No.

    For loosening any charm say over water No. To catch fish, take a white potsherd, and putting into it leaves of olive-tree say over them No. If thou wisheat a woman to follow thee, take thy blood and write her name upon a newly-laid egg and say towards her No. If a man is to follow thee, take a new potsherd and dip it in black myrrh gall and pronounce over his name the words of No.

    For a tree that does not produce fruits, write the words No. For illness dog in the fruit write on a new potsherd No. Texts from Asshai speak of the Dawn Age. Asshai has been a thriving port for centuries. Jar Han , one of the sea-green god-emperors of Yi Ti , extracted tribute from Asshai during his reign. King Aegon V Targaryen commissioned journeys in search of dragonlore from distant places, including Asshai.

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    • When a trading cog washed up on the Frozen Shore , a wisewoman of the free folk found scarlet silk from Asshai in the wreckage.