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Legends and myths about the sun, from around the world.

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Philippine mythology include a collection of tales and superstitions about magical creatures and entities. Many Filipinos, even though heavily Christianized, still believe in these tales. The prevalence of belief in the figures of Filipino mythology is strong in the provinces. Because the country has many islands and is inhabited by different ethnic groups, Philippine mythology and superstitions are very diverse epub.

Go to them and ask for a hog, kapas, some fine mats, and a feather cloak. Describe me to them and tell them that I give all those things to you. It is now only a fathom and a half square, and was intended to be two fathoms download Run to the Wild Wood Run Wild pdf. Kuamachi and his grandfather ran out of arrows before shooting Wlaha, the leader of the Star people.

He had turned himself into seven people and caught seven arrows. The surviving wounded Star people climbed back into the trees. The gods sent a great flood to wipe out these beings, so that they could start over. These two sat together and thought, and whatever they thought came into being download Run to the Wild Wood Run Wild pdf. A young woman lay suffering on her deathbed, her stillborn baby lying against her chest. Her young husband crouched close, stricken with grief.

Directory of the state and county officials of North Carolina

His beautiful wife crooned a lullaby to her dead baby, her voice growing fainter as death drew near. Finally, she looked at her husband and asked him to bury her back East, beside her dead mother download Run to the Wild Wood Run Wild epub. Folklore presents itself in a myriad of forms, all equally "original" and "correct. Individuals, too, have different tastes and thus folklore grows and changes over the years. The folklore and traditional culture of Newfoundland and Labrador is historically based in the traditional cultures of the peoples who settled the Province, but it also reflects the evolution of life here in all its complexities over the centuries of human occupation Altemus' Peter Rabbit Series.

When Peter. With Mallory Carter on washboard, JT Linville on bass, Owen Grooms on banjo, and Josh Carter on mandolin, the band brings a distinct line-up to the world of string band music that has earned them accolades and friends and led to numerous musical collaborations. The members of the band are also dedicated mentors to the next generation of musicians. They have been deeply involved in their local Junior Appalachian Musicians JAM program, taught in music camps and schools, given private lessons, and continually look for new and exciting ways to inspire young people.

Their debut self-titled album released in presents a combination of traditional and original material.

Folk & Traditional Arts

The band continues to write new music, rooted in tradition. Michael grew up in Winston-Salem, and as a teenager he frequently rode his bicycle over to Old Salem. After high school, Michael went to school for electronic and manufacturing engineering and moved to the Raleigh area for several years to work in robotics and engineering technology. By , Michael had moved to Yadkin County, where he opened his shop and started working full time with tin and lighting.

A hands-on project was included, providing practical knowledge with actual experience, giving students an appreciation for the past. The program met 4th grade core curriculum requirements regarding North Carolina history and culture.

OSU Folklore Alumni

Michael says that what started as an interpretive exhibit has evolved into an entertaining historic presentation of tinsmithing. Michael welcomes visitors into his shop, and he enjoys giving presentations on the craft and history of tinsmithing. He is particularly interested in informing young people about traditional craft skills. Todd Elliott is a champion fiddler, storyteller, and performing artist from Rutherford County, NC, who has played music and told tales on stages across the country.

Todd grew up in Rutherford County hearing the stories of his father, Doug Elliott , and the music of the community. Todd started learning to play fiddle when he was around five years old, starting on a homemade cardboard instrument. By the time he was a teenager, Todd was winning fiddle competitions across North Carolina. Todd cites numerous mentors for his fiddling, from self-taught mountain fiddlers to classical violinists, including Jan Daugherty, Wayne Erbsen , Chuck and Peggy Patrick, and Ken Stott.

Today, Todd primarily plays a mix of old-time, bluegrass, folk, and blues, and he likes to combine storytelling with music. Todd has performed both solo and in group settings for festivals, libraries, schools, television shows, theaters, conferences, and other events.

Todd also learned many traditional crafts and life-ways from his family in Rutherford County, as well as from many other people in North Carolina and beyond. Todd is available for classes, consultations, demonstrations, educational programs for all ages, guided tours, performances, and workshops. Carley started taking violin lessons as a young child, after seeing local fiddler, Todd Elliott , put on a show for her 4-H group. Her Suzuki-style teacher focused mostly on classical material, but would include a fiddle tune periodically. Carley had a strong preference for learning by ear, and she gravitated towards the fiddle-style music.

Carley participated in the youth symphony in Hendersonville, NC for three semesters, quickly rising to first chair. She also sought out local and regional bluegrass musicians to continue playing fiddle music.

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The group won the Jr. Folklife Apprenticeships support an experienced mentor artist and an apprentice for a year-long intensive learning experience in a shared traditional art form. Applications are due March 4, for the June June apprenticeship period.

Illuminary Mural : National Folk Festival, Greensboro NC

Photo by Cedric N. Chatterley for the Blue Ridge Music Trails project. Amanda Swimmer builds her pots in an old style starting with coils of clay and applies designs with a carved paddle. Her pottery is exhibited and sold at the Qualla Arts and Crafts Cooperative, a site on the trail.