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Every Graham just knew how to get the best out of time I got the ball I seemed to score. And he always believed in me. We roomed together for 11 years and we had some good times, bad times, sad times, fun times and, of course, drunken times — we went through everything together. Humble, Words by Jason Guy non-egotistical and proud to wear the shirt and, whetherAs the PA system reads out the team news, the win, lose or draw,crowd swarming into the old South Bank would each one would giveliterally sweep you off your feet.

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My first ever match saw Steve a job not a career. Bull score a hat-trick in a Sherpa Van Trophy tie.


I also joked that Steve Bull would score a tree formations. Allstars and former players in general. In particularThat game in got me hooked. I had spent Andy Mutch and Robbie Dennison are always keen previous years listening intently on a Saturday to reminisce about those days, share a joke and speakafternoon and Tuesday night to Radio WM and passionately about the work ethic. Our heroes would be pushing cars out of theand her infectious attitude would emphatically way to produce a make-shift gravel pitch on a Fridayreport nine times out of ten a Bull or Mutch goal.

I afternoon less than 24 hours before they would behad gone past Molineux on the bus and saw pictures in action on a matchday. There were little injuriesin the newspaper but I could only ever imagine what despite the uneven shale ground, poor medicalattending a game would be like. I majority being from Wolverhampton, travelled towas spoilt in a strange way I suppose. I had been too London to see two Fourth Division sides battle ityoung to truly appreciate the depths we had sunk to out.

Both sets of supporters knew who would winin the early to mid s and all I could remember and Mutch and Dennison sealed the victory with awas a winning team. There were Wolverhampton firmly back on the map. That sameweeds growing from stands, dilapidated wooden season we had also sealed promotion from the oldstructures and the John Ireland stand would stick fourth division with Steve Bull scoring 52 goals, aout like a shiny sore thumb Another his England debut The players and former players were light years We were back!

Heartbreak for the Were they heroes? Does history remembermasses. Without them, Molineux almost certainlybrothers era at Molineux. The club plunged from would not stand as it does now. WolverhamptonDivision One, straight through the leagues to the Wanderers would likely be no more. Fourth Division. The new custodians allowed the club to rebuild. The Bhatti brothers arrived in Andythe club had dropped like a stone, falling into the Thompson would go on to become a fan favourite.

The likes of Andythe mess in which the club found itself. Having returned to sure footing, saw multi- At such times, heroes are required. It was his dream, which hopefullytwo: one to save the club off the field, and one to will, thanks to his involvement and subsequent salesave it on it. But physiology was far from his only interest. Colours: Dark-Green-with-Black which is in honor of the colours of the flag of Devon.

In addition to her academic achievement, Gene also was an outstanding tennis player, winning state titles in her collegiate days. In the club were demoted from the Football League… Meer. But before then, there was a consortium. Made Molineux, once more a mecca to the masses,up of the local council, ASDA and the Gallaghers, where fans of the Old Gold come to worship at thethey came together for the good of the club and house that Jack built. And hopefully, those darkestWolverhampton itself.

He never took a penny for himself. Regarded as one of the finest uncapped Scottish Sir Jack would remain Life President of the clubgoalkeepers, Finlayson made appearances for until his death earlier this year. In , Dunn became only the third player toachieve that feat when he was part of the Wolvesside that beat Leicester at Wembley. His father,also Jimmy, had lifted the famous trophy withEverton when they beat Manchester City in the final.

HIGHLIGHTS: Northampton Town 2 Newport County 0

Jimmy made appearances for Wolves, scoring40 times, until leaving for Derby County in After retiring from football, Dunn ran apub in Wolverhampton before becoming aphysiotherapist in Birmingham. Strong working relationships with local, regional, b2b, trade and national media. Of course, these scored the equaliser in a draw.

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I reallycomponents are what provide us with our enjoyed it; the only problem was that I had toentertainment but without supporters there is wait all summer for my next game! Old Gold Glory feels that it is importantto share memories of supporters alongside RW: My father, also Ron and my uncle werethose of our ex-players and managers. JB: The away game at Barnsley at the end ofJas Bains currently lives in Solihull but is our Championship winning season in , itWolverhampton born and bred. Jas watched seemed like the whole of Wolverhampton wasfrom the South Bank most of the time as a there and the ecstasy when Kyel Reid equalisedyoung fan, however can be found at every home was amazing.

We had a great night with ourgame in the lower tier of the Billy Wright with Punjabi Wolves friends in a pub near Sheffieldhis family who have also become avid fans. Ron Westwood was born in Tipton in ; most An iconic moment for me was in the earlyof his school pals were Albion fans, now lives seventies.

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I was in the Waterloo Road for a gamein Lower Gornal and is a season ticket holder against our arch enemies Tottenham Hotspur. His tackle and completely upended John McAlle. Munro, already a favourite, was now a hero. Why did you start supporting Wolves andwhen was your first game? It was made special as my father joinedattending Wolves games since and in April me on one of the special planes that took us it felt a suitable time for me to tag along to Newcastle from Birmingham. We were both.

Fans Bully and followed him everywhere with allhero Steve Bull then went on to make the day England sides too. Kenny Hibbitt — great club man who gave hisMy most memorable moment was standing all, would love a goal scoring midfielder likeon the North Bank, shedding more than a few him again. What are your memories of the fall and rise in the eighties? Did you ever think we hadWhich team down the years would be your played our last game? I wrote a letterPremier League. A meeting was held at the Civic Hall, chaired byWho would be your your favourite five David Coleman, emotional words were spokenWolves players that you have seen down by Albert Bates and Hatherton Wolves in frontthe years?

JB: I have always loved centre halves, everygood team needs inspirational leaders in thatposition,John De Wolf — awesome. Ludovic Pollet — never say die warrior. Frank Munro — Rolls Royce centre half inslippers would have been suited to the moderngame. Joleon Lescott — a class act who looked after theclub with his contract extension, admirable inpost Bosman times. RW: Frank Munro — a great centre half aheadof his time. John Richards — the best goal scorer in Englandat his peak. Dave Wagstaffe — very entertaining always Ron Westwoodlooked forward to him receiving the ball.

Which Wolves manager signed strikerwas light at the end of the tunnel but really would Andy Mutch from Southport in Februarylike to thank all those who did their bit however? Which s Wolves defender playedThe latter period was all down to Graham Turner, for and later managed the New Zealandwho gave the players a winning mentality again.

The missing fans gradually returning with a newbelief. It said so much about 4. The reason we get the crowds is our football. What was the score? Desert Island Football Histories Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.

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