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The Magazine of The Episcopal Academy Fall The Episcopal Academy Celebrates 225 years

The psalmist said it another way in Psalm The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech. Night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard. Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.

This is the language of the heart that Lance knew as the right stuff. Lance was the embodiment of Henry Miller s observation that one s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing.

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Lance s great wisdom was a language that helped a student to see something in a new way so that they knew not just stuff but the right stuff. He did that as teacher and as counselor. Lance liked to laugh, join in the laughter with others, and just plain have fun! Why was that? What empowered him and directed him into that level of joy and happiness that was his life.

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Wise and happy are two words that define his life. What right stuff did he know that we may need to see on this day and commit to in our own lives? Perhaps Crawford Hill 70, close friend of Lance s and Chair of Science at Episcopal, stated it best with the simple but profound observation: I still can t believe that Lance is gone.

There is a story that has often been told and that John Bogle, founder of Vanguard Investments, used as the basis for the title of his recent book. The story goes as follows: At a party given by a billionaire on Shelter Island, the late Kurt Vonnegut informs his pal, the author Joseph Heller, that their host, a hedge fund manager, had made more money in a single day than Heller had earned for his wildly popular novel, Catch 22, over its whole history.

Heller responds: Yes, but I have something that he will never have I have enough.

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Lance had enough! He didn t want what others had. He possessed many traits but envy was not one of them. He was wise and happy because he knew stuff the right stuff that envy is the enemy of happiness.

I am indebted to Eric Weiner and Joseph Epstein in their work on happiness that helped me see Lance Cave more clearly as an agent of joy and kindness in his life. You will read in Lance s chapel talk with his friend, Bob Parr, that he felt blessed to have the gift of the joy each day of looking forward to being with his colleagues and friends. He also had the gift of being with students every day that made him laugh, and they made him proud.

Lance trusted others, and, in turn, when important insights were needed for a challenging issue at our school, it was Lance s opinion that was sought by others. He had the right stuff of trusting and being trusted. Lance had an essential perspective on life that was based in his faith, nourished by his field of endeavor, the sciences, by his community of faith at Episcopal, and in the community of faith of churches in the Episcopal Church such as Trinity here in the Poconos.

His vision was focused by his faith that there is something much more than I as he pondered the creation recorded in the first chapter of Genesis.

Lance had the right stuff of a reverence for life in its many manifestations. He would have adhered strictly to the motto of the Baltimore Grotto Caving no pun intended Society which is Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints; Kill nothing but time. At Episcopal we identify the right stuff of our school by our stripes of character, by our Christian heritage, and by our school motto which is Esse Quam Videri to be rather than to seem to be be authentic in the students words be real live your life so that it means something and matters to others as your legacy be fully present In creating memo- We can t believe that he is gone because he isn t.

Yes, his physical presence is gone, but his real presence of a life lived with wisdom and happiness a guy with the right stuff who knew stuff will continue to inform us and nourish us. We only need to look into the handiwork of the heavens and leave a place of river or land better and cleaner to know that he is standing there next to us feeling the joy of discovery and a reverence for life.

God bless you Lance. The talk is dated May 14, The scholarship program is designed to recognize high school Martina McPhail 09 with Main seniors, volunteer fireline Chamber Foundation Board fighters, and volunteer President Bill Grim. McPhail now attends Haverford College. Episcopal Bids a Fond Farewell to Sid Buck and Cannie Shafer Every year, dedicated staff members, teachers, and administrators bid farewell to Episcopal as they enter retirement or seek new challenges.

The goodbyes are always difficult, but this past spring was more difficult than usual. The EA community bid farewell to two school icons that have served Episcopal with dedication, passion, and integrity for a combined 51 years. Sid Buck, Hon. We wish them all the best!

Sid Buck Sid Buck, kind, gentle, always trying to find a way to solve a problem for a teacher, student, or parent. He was always responsive, always patient, but also relentless in his effort to collect delinquent funds from parents in arrears! Over the last seven years, Sid became a key player in our move to Newtown Square, contributing wisdom and experience and helping us to get it right.

Along the way he has had to learn about asbestos abatement, bond issues, swaps, and all manner of financial sophistication. We owe much of our fiscal good health to Sid Buck. We have a few things to give Sid but we want to keep his name with us as he moves into retirement. Knowing that he loves gardening and being outdoors, we had an idea that Steve Muir, Hon.

We will name our new community garden down behind the maintenance building, The Sid Buck Community Garden see photo at top right. Cannie Shafer Cannie joined us right out of Sweetbriar College 30 years ago and quickly became the consummate teacher-counselor-coach. She won our first girls Inter-Ac Championship coaching lacrosse and she was always willing to do anything for the school.

The Lost Journal - Mini Trailer

She led the Devon Campus ably for 17 years and oversaw its expansion and development. Cannie has always loved this school, loved our traditions, loved Chapel, and she has celebrated our history, preserved Aurora Vesper and Founder s Day and she led the effort to update and revitalize our Stripes. Two years ago, when I needed her to become Assistant Head, she again answered the call.

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She has always been willing to serve wherever she was needed. We are incredibly fortunate to have had Cannie Shafer and her loyalty and love for Episcopal for the past 30 years. We send her off with a gift, but we will also keep her name front and center at Episcopal. Cannie has spent a lot of time on the river cheering on her daughter, Francie, who was a star in crew here and has continued to row at Northeastern.

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We will attach Cannie s name to our new four-person shell and will join it to one of our enduring stripes. Our students, hereafter, will row the shell Cannie Shafer Honesty and we will dedicate that vessel next fall.

Cannie, we are enormously grateful, thanks for all your service to our school. Ham Clark bids farewell to Sid Buck, who served Episcopal for 21 years. The new Community Garden was named in honor of Sid, a noted green thumb. The entrance trellis was built by Len Haley and Steve Muir and was unveiled at the farewell dinner. She served as the Head of School at the Devon Campus for more than 17 years. A lover of rowing, a crew shell has been named in her honor.

The girls won the national championship with ease, finishing The team performed wonderfully, advancing to the semi-finals before falling to the hometown team, the Henley Rowing Club. Congratulations to all on a fantastic season. Sixteen high-powered teams from up and down the East Coast participated.

While they had hoped to vie for top honors, some bad luck in the draws pitted them against some top seeds in the early rounds.