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This points to our frailty and the need of special care and caution to stay safe from influences of the outer world. In its extremes, it shows us being dishonest to be liked by others, bruising ourselves along the way just to feel approved of and valued. We might lack patience to give our heart and mind time to get synchronized and support us along the way.

The partner might be aggressive in different ways with this card opened, even when passive and seemingly uninvolved. There is a lot of roughness to anticipate with this setting, and the card reminds us to keep our distance and stay protected every step of the way, until we truly feel ready to lower our shields, grown and responsible for our own hearts.

With the Eight of Cups in a career reading, one cannot know who to trust and sensitive information could be at stake. This is a signal we should close our doors and speak as little as possible about our plans or the way we got things done. Trust will eventually be rewarded, but the first point of trust should be found in our hunch and the full understanding of our inner sensations.

Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

With lack of fulfillment and joyful approach, no project will bring satisfaction even if we end it within a deadline and get well-paid. Eight of Cups will show up in a health reading when we have dangerously approached some of our physical limitations and it is becoming our imperative to get some rest and some distance from stressful situations.

It points to our vulnerable sides, our ego battles, and matters where we chose to follow the collective flow instead of following the inner one, out of need to belong to a system. Priorities need some questioning and thought, so we can find the point of balance between our social needs and the tendency to belong.

Its troubles come as a consequence of quenching the need to protect our core and raise our authentic personality to shine no matter the cost and the structure we tried to fit into. The Eight of Cups will be reversed when we are about to put our head through a wall and we need to hit the brakes immediately. In such a setting, it is not only a reminder of our vulnerability, but also our inability to see how fragile those we love might be.

Meaning in Past, Present and Future Positions

Relying on other people is probably not such a good idea at the moment. Past - The Eight of Cups will be set in our past as a reminder of broken trust and wounds that never got to heal. This requires a shift in your thinking. Your mindset must change before your actions will.

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You are ready to leave your excuses and bad habits behind. Financially, what has worked in the past will not work any longer. Whether you want to earn more, spend less, or see a greater return on your investments, start by letting go of your limiting beliefs and expectations.

Study what has worked for other people and learn from their successes and mistakes. Then walk your own path and experiment to find out what works for you.

8 of Cups 🛳️ Quick Tarot Card Meanings 🛳️

Minimize your possessions, complications, and commitments. Let go of what you thought you wanted so you can create a life you love. The Eight of Cups is a spiritual card.

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The moon indicates a choice must be made using your intuition. Up until this point, you have been living your life for other people, following the expected social norms of your culture and situation.

The Eight of Cups Tarot Card | Keen

You are ready to shrug off the expectations of others and of your past self to find out who you are today. This vacuum of time and space will allow you to fill your life with purpose, meaning, and service in a way that feels right to you.

Keywords for the Eight of Cups Tarot Card Voluntary abandonment or withdrawal A loss of interest Moving on and seeking something better Travel Traditionally, the Eight of Cups tarot card shows a man walking into the mountains underneath a moonlit sky. There was an error submitting your subscription.