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Auf diesem Weg lernt er auch die wohlhabende Ellie kennen und heiratet sie gegen den Willen ihrer Eltern. Liverpool, UK. I don't suppose that he was at all externally conscious that he possessed a vampire organization, for he was a benevolent kind-hearted man, who would have shrunk in horror from such a suggestion.

Nevertheless, he was, in his inner personality an intentional vampire, for he acknowledged that he was about to marry a young wife in order, if possible, to recuperate his exhausted system. The next time, therefore, that he was announced, I closed myself to him, before he was admitted. I imagined that I had formed myself a complete investiture of odie fluid, surrounding me on all sides, but not touching me, and impenetrable to any hostile currents. This magical process was immediately and permanently successful—I never had to repeat it.

This insight serves to interpret the motivation for and the discursive effect of "The Vampire and Energy Work Research Survey.

Suscitatio Enterprises has stated that they are not attempting to cre- ate a universal definition of vampirism. However, the data provided by their survey can hardly help but have a normative effect on the concept of the vampire. The effect of the knowledge section, which allows Suscitatio Enterprises to correlate responses with how much respon- dents know about the community, will likely enhance this normative effect dramatically. In fact, some real vampire groups have begun giving the survey to potential members as a sort of application test.

In other words, the normative effect of the survey is quite powerful. Ron Eyerman and Andrew Jamison have argued that knowledge production in itself is a form of social action that creates a "cognitive space" where new ideas and issues emerge. By organizing the survey and disseminating its findings, the AVA have become movement intellectuals. It should be noted that defining a category is not the same as assign- ing someone to that category. AVA members have repeatedly been ap- proached by people who offer a list of symptoms and want to know whether or not they are a vampire.

Their position has consistently been, "We do not diagnose. It is not our role to confirm or deny whether one is a vampire—that is something only the individual can come to know through serious introspection and experience" 57 However, Hacking suggests that as new categories of people are created, individuals will spontaneously fill these categories through dynamic nominalism. Thus, we can predict that as people encounter the survey data, some will dis- cover that they are, and have been, vampires.

Furthermore, as "vampire" becomes more entrenched as a category of person, the rest of us will become "non-vampires," where before we were not. Eyerman and Jamison argue for "a cognitive approach" to social move- ments, seeing them as producers of knowledge that create an intellec- tual space and then dissipate into mainstream culture. The greatest obstacle to this "cognitive approach," they argue, is the tendency to iden- tify movements with organizations, parties, and sects rather than ideas or "cognitive praxis.

Oliver Krueger shows that the ma- jority of Wiccans are "eclectic practitioners" with no affiliation to a coven or group. This is attributed to "self-initiation" rituals readily avail- able on the Internet.

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Like vampires, Wiccans do not need an outside entity to validate them as part of a group. Krueger argues that Pagan initiation now refers to a "state of spiritual identity" rather than affilia- tion with a group or coven. Many real vam- pires practice forms of Paganism and during my research I received an invitation to a vampires versus witches softball game. What Pagans and vampires share is participation in an identity that is dependent on sub- jugated knowledge. Paganism is a religion, and vampirism is sometimes a religion—however, both groups find themselves outside of the reli- gious and scientific episteme.

In addition to vampires, a growing number of ontological identity groups are forming communities facilitated through Internet dialogue. Along with the otherkin, "therians" also believe they have a mental, emo- tional, spiritual, or shamanistic connection to or shared kinship with a particular animal.

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Several other categories of people are just beginning to gain momentum through the Internet: "walk-ins," "indigo and crystal children," "otakukin," and "multiple systems" are all ontological catego- ries of beings with which individuals have begun to identify. Collectively, these groups are sometimes referred to as "awakened. T h e otherkin community has already ex- pressed a desire for their own survey a n d I anticipate that similar proj- ects will b e c o m e prolific a m o n g "awakened" groups such as therians a n d otherkin as well as identity-based religious movements seeking to reify their sense of identity.

Without prescribing or defining, these da- tabases may c o m e to function as a sort of ontological lighthouse for those who c o n t i n u e to "seek their own truth. The term "VC" is frequently used in Internet discourse. There is now a theory that sanguinary vampires require blood because it contains subtle energy. According to this theory, all real vampires are, in a sense, psychic vampires.

This idea is reflected in a t-shirt sold by the AVA, featuring a vampire pouring blood into a martini glass. A speech balloon asks, "How do you take your prana? Virtually all members of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance engage in psychic feeding. Of these, about 60 percent also engage in sanguinary feeding and are therefore considered hybrids. Paul, Minn. Michelle Belanger, Woodbury, Minn. New York: Picador, , 7. It began in and has become one of the largest vampire gatherings in the world, with attendees from several continents.

Marc C. Taylor, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, , Check all that apply.

Both Vampirism and Vampyrism were not among the fifty-one options but were common write-in responses. The Vampire Bible is only available for purchase directly from the Temple of the Vampire. However, where the prophet's soteriology is based on a religious ethic or a moral example, the mystagogue offers salvation through arcane initiation. Catherine Albanese suggests that American metaphysical organizations have always been "joined somewhat warily" due to a suspicion of authoritarian voices. See Catherine L. Gary Laderman, [Santa Barbara, Calif.

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While Anne Rice's novels have had an undeniable influence on the culture and aesthetics of the vampire community, vampire fiction alone does not account for the ontological claims of vampires or the metaphysical models created to explain vampirism. Thomas C.

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  • Several theories were promoted before explaining vampires in terms of occult science. The earliest of these appears to be that of Eliphas Levi, who describes a sort of vitality draining vampire in Dogma et Rituel, written in see Eliphas Levi, Transcendetal Magic, trans. Waite [York Beach, Maine: W'eiser ], In , O. The Oprah Magazine featured an article describing how to protect oneself foi m "energy vampires.

    My contacts in the AVA had no sympathy for Rice, who also demanded conjugal visits on religious grounds. They did not consider Rice's claims to be representative of real vampirism and viewed his case as negative publicity similar on par with the Ferrell case. Lupa herself is a therian and describes the nature of her connection to wolves. Rowling in her Harry Potter fiction series and refers to individuals with no magical abilities. No content may be copied or emailed to multiple sites or publicly posted without the copyright holder s ' express written permission.

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    He was the only one who sensed the true depths of her despair, her heartache, the only one who knew how she yearned to run in the golden light of the sun, to walk in the silver shadow of the moon. He was the one who heard the sound of her muffled tears in the dark of the night.