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A good years were set aside for family illnesses, spanning my grandmother, father, and recently newborn son, all having heart surgery, and all that entails.

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Dub that fate intersecting finance. So while grounded and well-versed in economics at a young age, life taught me a few lessons along the way, and I ended up optimizing for other things besides money. That said, my proposal stands, I believe. If we learn, we can benefit and bound risk and estimate its duration, tranche our assets accordingly with the right ratio of financial ballast and bunsen burn, and have the right balance of risk versus reward.

Did you happen to start in the software industry right after highschool? Sounds like you are very interested in investing.

The Easiest Way To Make Money In A Downturn

Ever thought of getting into finance instead of software? I am rather happy that I weathered the financial crisis rather than bonded up and withdrew because the gain was so significant, in one of the worse financial crisis. This is in midst of personal medical issues in the family that took its toll.

Fortunately, insurance was in place to mitigate that. How Fidelity Discovery Small Cap or Vanguard Dividend fund handled and in a superior way is material experience that informs my future investing decisions. In both cases, they rebounded quickly and robustly. Putting my behavioral economic hat on, I assign higher confidence in both funds for enduring future crisis. Long story short, observe and learn from as an inflection point. And while it may indeed stand as plain luck these funds bettered their peers during times of stress, it is compelling when you see a whole class of capital yield superior returns over two decades time versus brute force splitting the difference between equity and bonds buying the whole market.

Do you mind sharing your current net worth and net worth allocation split? What net worth goal do you hope to achieve by your retirement date? What is it that you so for a living so I can gain some context. I have to disagree with the canonical investment advice offered by this article and personal finance advice in general that says you must buy into the market and conserve when you get older.

Very much the Heisenbergian Uncertainty Principle of financial economics. That says a lot. Taking the , , and market drops into account, it is imperative that one understands the 4th axiom I left out earlier. IOW, most people withdraw from the market far too soon and miss those 10 days a year of gains, and thus the rebound and recovery that inevitably ensues.

So post recovery missing 1 or 3 ten day gains, one is left with a shallower slope of recovery that is meeker yet has to cover lost ground during the drop while trying to compound forward toward retirement. In sum, my strategy is to set up tentpoles bounded by past disasters. At 38, I plan to retire within 10 years. Another 6 years, a whole new way of life. In any event, the Forbes article linked sums up my view from a different perspective. Food for thought that folks may find prudent. Whatever works for you. Nobody knows the future. Here is my recommended net worth allocation by age and work experience.

I write it from someone who retired at 34 with a six figure annual passive income portfolio. Please contrast that with folks who write about retirement who are not yet retired.

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How do they know? Any thoughts on whether asset allocation ought to be altered?

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I love real estate for the long term, but it takes work. Wonderful article, Sam. You definitely put a great deal of time and effort into writing it, and it raises a lot of interesting thoughts. Great to hear from you! Hope the baby is doing well. John C. The Financial Samurai may, or may not recall this, but I dug the Hunt Brothers as they sponsored an indoor tennis circuit in the U. I know that sounds like a mid-range car price today, but in that was crazy money! Nice work, if you can get it! If you remember back in the dotcom era to early , when people though tech stocks would just go up and up, well I bailed out of two tech companies I had at the time before the crash with a very nice profit and invested it all in Altria.

Back then Altria had major litigation problems but I just kept thinking, if people are willing to go to jail for drugs why the hell would they stop smoking which is just as addictive. Then I got real stupid and kept adding to it. Needless to say PM has been on a huge run. I sold all my KFT shares when they split off and bought my current house cash sold my original house for a nice capital gain also this was back in where people were outbidding people for houses.

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This goes back to what I have read about hard money, Central Banks, etc. Hell that is not even their mandate from what I know. What I do know and I am sure you do also, no nation in history has been able to keep its currency after 40 years completely fiat. We are the first and that I think is because every other fiat currency is pegged to ours plus we are forcing oil to be bought with dollars. When not if this thing collapses it will be epic.

How to Make Sure Your Money Lasts As Long As You Do! : Robert E. Grace :

There I say if the system collapses so badly where even stock certificates of major companies become worthless then we are all on the same boat. I see major real inflation but not total collapse. Yes we are sitting at a 5 year high but we also seeing the Fed doing everything possible to keep interest rates low and stock assets high. So what? I am getting my dividend on all my stocks, which is more than a CD gives me or a treasury right now.

That means you are actually loosing money by being in cash. The reason for working until 55 is simple for me. That is the best part of being financially set. Its 50 day moving average is close to breaking its DMA. We have become inured to easy money, which is worrisome given each successive ease by central banks become less effective. I totally agree with this.

Are SIPs the risk-free formula for making money?

Just take a look what gold and silver did when QE3 and QE4 was announced…not much at all really. Why not? And yet that is exactly what happened in both metals crashing when they should have been soaring. If you check out the COMEX you have billions of ounces of silver traded every week, yet we only product million ounces per year..

Especially the fact that the Fed has more than tripled its balance sheet and yet silver is still below its all time high, only asset that I know of to be so. You are more an optimist than I. Well I posted my opinion on this article but I guess it never got approved. Like I stated before, no way I would consider cash or bonds right now, not when the FED is pushing 85 billion per month into bonds and God knows what else. Physical only.

I am a firm believer this government and most of the Western World will try very had to inflate their debt away. They have no choice, way too many promises have been made and austerity is not something taught in schools. As you are new here, spend some time reading my predictions post series over the past three years through the search box.

How To Invest for Recession-Proof Cash Flow Before the Economy Changes

Please also share your experience and goals work, income stream, etc. Started investing right out of college and I own it to one of my economic professors. He had a bonus question on the midterm, simply asking what is your long term plan to become financially independent. Every answer was, I will open my own business, or get a graduate degree, etc etc. So when we got our midterms back, he took the entire period of going over some of the answers and then he simply said money management is the key. Spent less than you make, save and invest. He proceeded to point out how its easy to grow ones wealth with compounding interest.

I know simple right? But for a 20 year old, like myself at the time, a totally foreign concept. Another twist he told us how to do it. That is if you are debt free.