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God is everywhere. Which leads us back to … Good question! Even though we want to. I can see an argument for the Holy spirit as being a genderless flame from God.

What Does God Look Like?

But as for the other 2 partners of the trinity i see their male gender as concrete. If only because Jesus came in the form of a human male.

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God could have sent a women or some genderless human to represent him on earth but instead he sent a man. So Adam was created. God again is conveying that he has the closer appearance of male. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Something like that. At first blush the line can make a traditional believer feel kind of dumb. And then, since you have their attention, you can unpack this for them, which is where the fun starts.

That would make him pretty old. You can only be young or old if you were created and now live in the context of a ticking clock. We used to think time was simply an arbitrary counting off of moments in history, with no connection whatsoever to the physical world.

Time had a beginning. Something — or someone — brought time into existence. Which means, for the sake of our current topic, that if there IS a God who is responsible for the existence of everything, he is also responsible for the existence of time. He MADE time — or at least kick-started it like a divine lumberjack firing up his chainsaw. Point being, if time is a part of the physical world, God is beyond time.

Time is just one of the ingredients he cooked up in his lab, and he is no more subject to time than I am subject to a sandwich I make or a blog post I write. So is God old? God made time, and exists outside of time. He is neither young nor old. He simply is. Why do we believe that? But is God actually male? Once you seriously think about this it becomes ridiculous pretty quickly. God made gender. Male and female are distinctions God created — they are not eternal distinctions. Like time, gender had a beginning. God did not.

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Everything good about men and women is true about God. The Bible attributes to God traditionally masculine characteristics like strength and fierceness, but also traditionally feminine characteristics like warmth and nurture. The Psalms describe God as a big, scary dragon, but also as a hen, gathering her chicks under her wings. Why do we use male pronouns to describe God? Because the Bible uses male pronouns to describe God. Why does the Bible use male pronouns?

But given that God was revealing himself initially to a patriarchal, male-led society, showing up as Aunt Bea from Mayberry might not have had the right effect. Someday you will grow up, and someone will explain some very strange things about God, which suggest that maybe even God was once a sinful man.

Don't buy into it. Don't ever give up the belief that God never sinned. Mormon adults, I plead with you, do not let your Church take that away from them. Do not let your children "graduate" from childhood to the belief that God was once perhaps a sinner.

Wanting God

Jesus said:. Jesus is a sufficient sympathetic high priest, and is so as a sinless savior. Therefore looking to the Father as a sympathetic high priest as a once-sinner is to belittle Christ as an inadequately sympathetic high priest. I remember one conversation at Temple Square with a Mormon lady about the nature of God. She asked me,. I answered that the greatest purpose we have in life is to know, and love, and enjoy, and praise, and worship God.

She replied,. My God doesn't sing that song. God was never a wretch. He was never blind. He doesn't praise a God above himself for "amazing grace. It is common to hear the objection, "That's not 'official' Mormon doctrine. One example would be the idea of a Heavenly Mother. It is common Mormon belief, it is a natural logical extension of what Mormon leadership teaches, and it is something the LDS Church knows its members believe or at least find acceptable. Yet it is not something Mormons feel obligated to publicly confess and testify to.

You can ask a Mormon, "Do you believe in Heavenly Mother? Mormonism has set up a protective layer of plausible deniability around its leaders, tradition, and belief system. Leaders have essentially been given a free pass to say, foster, and tolerate anything.

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  • Mormon apologist Stephen Smoot was asked about a hypothetical scenario:. What if there was near-unanimity among the leadership on this? What if the Church taught it via correlated, institutional channels of influence: in the manuals, in the magazines, in the booklets, in the videos? Would you then consider Monson's statement to be blasphemy, and to be the kind of fruit that disqualifies him as a true prophet?

    He answered, "No", because it did not fit the condition of what qualifies as "official doctrine", that it was not yet blasphemy, and not yet a disqualifying fruit. Whether it was "official" mattered more to him than whether it was true. Whereas Mormon leaders have taught, "The Lord will never allow the President of the Church to lead us astray", this seems to have been reduced to, "The Lord will never allow the President of the Church to lead us officially astray. The content of the fruit matters more than the officiality of the fruit.

    Is God “an Old Man in the Sky?” (Tricky Question #3)

    A rotten, black banana is still rotten, with or without the Dole sticker. Biblically, we have a responsibility to inspect the fruits of the LDS Church. What they teach, and foster, and tolerate as acceptable teaching and belief among their members matters. They are shepherds over sheep. The honor of "The Church" ought not be defended at the expense of the honor and glory and beauty of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Mormonism claims to be the most clear and bright beacon of doctrinal clarity, particularly on things that matter.

    Yet Mormonism's traditional worldview has fostered confusion on the most important thing in all of reality. Mormonism has historically taught, "As man is God once was, as God is man may be. Some Mormon authors essentially appeal to this "one eternal round" as a point of comfort for members. Whether or not the Mormon institution has an official position on the issue, it still bears responsibility for letting such blasphemy persist among members.

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    Individual Mormons still bear responsibility for acquiescing to the institution's lack of repentance over the issue. Is it possible that Heavenly Father was once a sinner? What are Mormons saying? It says I think it's the same process that keeps going on and on and on through eternity. And so yeah, it's very possible he was just a normal man like us at some point in time on another world.

    So, if you follow logic and reason, then I definitely think that is a distinct possibility. It doesn't make him any less powerful or anything It makes me more comfortable Then certainly we have hope to overcome all our trials and sinful natures as well. There's a lot more to that than what's upfront I actually look more toward worshiping a God that we can become like Look where he's at now, that's all that matters. It would make sense to me, knowing that it's not unreachable to be like that, knowing that he was once like we are.

    And God being a sinner, that's really complicated because if there was a savior then, and his sins were washed clean through that savior, then he wouldn't have been a sinner. Kind of like us. If we repent of our sins then we become clean. So it's a complicated question I don't know enough about it really, I'm not going to say that I would be shocked or horrified if that was the case if God ever did anything wrong. I wouldn't be shocked or horrified by that If he ever was a sinner it would have been a long time ago, and he's definitely progressed past that obviously, and I don't know the steps that he would have to do to progress past that or exactly what happens So, it doesn't affect my worship in anyway, just because I don't know enough about it.

    Jesus had His own will, which He denied

    Really, complicated stuff like that, I just don't know enough about it to let it distract me, so I just try to focus on the more simple stuff of just trying to live better every day. Because that's really what the teachings are, just try to be better the next day than you were before. I've heard a lot of things about that, and Lorenzo Snow did say that, so I'd say that God experienced many things much like the Savior did To what extent?