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Sierra will be releasing its own brand of hunting ammunition. The rounds use a new tipped GameKing bullet for match grade accuracy in a hunting round. No details yet on brass, primer, and powder components for this ammo, but if the quality of the bullets is any indication these rounds will serve hunters well. This MHP bullet features a lead-free solid core. This new MHP ammo offers serious performance for regions where lead-core bullets are prohibited.

Accuracy is also very good with these new Norma bullets. We saw some impressive gear for game hunters and varminters. Swagger bipods has introduced a new kind of rifle support that combines the best qualities of both a field bipod and shooting sticks. And we saw a nice swivel field bench that offered very good stability. The QD42 is a lighter, more compact design of the already-established hunter series that allows for fast attach and removal via the push of a button.

The Stalker Lite offers similar advantages in that it is extremely light and folds up like tent poles so it can be carried in a pack or side pocket. Both systems demonstrate the maneuverability swagger is known for and are reasonably priced. These benches feature a strong steel base supporting a very stable top that rotates to change rifle aim points in seconds. In addition, the DOA bench features a swivel seat.

We liked the build quality on these DOA benches. Varmint hunters would like this bench — it would work well in a prairie dog field. With two dozen shooting bays, plus an elevated shooting station with targets out to yards, there is plenty of action.


We definitely need to remember why we are able to continue to own and shoot firearms in this nation…. Next best thing to being there — this 5-minute video, produced last year, shows Industry Day highlights. Share the post "Industry Day at the Range — Highlights".

Army photo by Spc. Cody Barber, 11th PAD. Christmas came early for Barrett Firearms Mfg. Army contract for. The work is expected to be completed by November 26, , the United States Department of Defense reported this week. Army-issued M, Caliber.

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The M Rifle System has been fielded by the U. Armed Forces for over 15 years.

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The Barrett rifle is a true Tennessee success story — a rifle born from sketches drawn at a dining room table by year-old Ronnie Barrett, who was born, raised, and educated in Tennessee. Using sketches of his design, Barrett worked in a one-bay garage with a tool-and-die maker to build the first prototype.

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Watch Jerry Miculek Shoot. Action Starts at To celebrate his October Trijicon Challenge victory, Jerry Miculek decided to do some pumpkin carving — with a. Shooting the lb rifle off-hand, Jerry blasted some serious holes in Mr. Needless to say, the results were dramatic, if somewhat messy. Jerry Miculek — that name is synonymous with revolvers. But Jerry is also one heck of a rifleman, as he demonstrates in this video. Three Shots Standing at Yards in 4. Here Jerry Miculek makes it look easy. And — get this — he does this in under 4.

Ruger 22/45 Pistol Review

It took Jerry two tries on his first run he hit 2 out of 3 in 4. On the second attempt see video starting at , it takes Jerry just 4. Most of us would need ten seconds or more just to get the scope on the first target. It takes remarkable marksmanship skills to shoot with this kind of precision at this kind of pace. Share the post "Miculek Nails 3 Targets at yards in 4.

Then enter this contest run by our friends at EuroOptic. The prize is an impressive Modern Sporting Rifle from Barrett. With a gas piston system, this rifle runs much cleaner. One of the most advanced modern sporting rifles on the market, the Barrett REC7 Carbine features a gas piston operating system and a tungsten gray Cerakote on the upper and lower receiver of the rifle. Check out the scope features in this video:. Entry into this sweepstakes constitutes opt-in to be emailed directly from the sweepstakes sponsors. Additionally, entrants who choose to opt-out of our mailing list prior to drawing of a winner are also opting out of the sweepstakes.

The winner of the sweepstakes may be required to sign and return a release of liability, declaration of eligibility and, where lawful, a publicity consent agreement, as conditions of receiving the prize. EuroOptic reserves the right to refuse prize to any entrant for any reason. Eligibility is limited to only legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia. Share the post "EuroOptic. These include interviews with legendary shooter Jerry Miculek, and ace pistolero Max Michel, perhaps the fastest handgunner on the planet.

We doubt many marksman would wager they could hit a plate meters away with a handgun. This takes good eyes, a solid grip, perfect trigger control and a bit of luck. This is doubly impressive because Miculek had to hold well over the target. The lesson to be learned here is that a good pistol, in the hands of a master, may be capable of astonishing long-range accuracy — as long as you work out the ballistics in advance.

Jerry knew that he had to hold high to arc the bullet into the target. On display were a bunch of new precision rifles, a slew of new handguns, and some very exotic optics. The bolt operates smoothly. The action feels solid and refined — like a good centerfire action. In addition, the action has the same footprint as the Tikka T3, so you can swap this. Overall this was the single rifle this Editor shot on Industry Day that I would really want to own.

We test-fired the new Ruger Precision Rimfire. Unfortunately, with the wobbly setup and no paper targets, we could not really evaluate accuracy. The trigger is not bad. Most of the chassis from the handguard rearward is reinforced polymer so the gun is pretty light. Three worked really well. The best, Federal Match 22, shot. Fine rifle.

Here is a handsome, beautifully-machined big-bore tactical rifle with all the bells and whistles. This is a high end rig for serious engagements.

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This video shows how the Savage internal chassis works. We highly recommend you watch this video:.

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  4. Fit and finish is very good. This is an honest competitor to the Accuracy International rifles. This rig is designed to allow rapid barrel changes for three chamberings:. Ergonomics were good — the grip was comfortable and we like the fact that the butt adjusts for vertical position.

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    Notably, the scope rail is mounted on the barrel itself, and the bolt locks directly into the barrel. This patented system allows scope, rail, and barrel to be swapped out as one integrated assembly, which should definitely help maintain zero when barrels are exchanged. This is a full-auto, pistol cartridge short-barrel rifle that uses Glock mags. It has a handy fire control selector so you can shoot it in single-shot, two-shot, or full-auto modes.