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Sex is a physical act. And real love always transends sexual acts. You can have sex without love, and you can have love without sex. Therefore, they cannot possibly be the same thing.

Love vs. sex

Love is sometimes, but not always, involved in sexuality ask any victim of rape, sexual abuse, or adultery. In fact, MOST kinds of love do not involve sex. Love between parents and children, brothers and sisters, first grade classmates, has no sexual connotations whatsoever. If you tried to add sex into such relationships, you would actually KILL love, not protect it. Sometimes actually, MOST of the time taking sex out of the equation allows love to grow, while irresponsibly putting sex into the relationship ruins the relationship and drives love far, far away.

Or no society at all. Sex is sex, love is love, and politics is politics. The three do impact each other, but they are not synonymous. Mixing the terms can create a faulty paradigm that will injure individuals and societies. Loving someone does not mean that you always agree with everything he or she does or says. Unconditional love does not equal unconditional approval. When children are young, they may want to have or do things that will hurt them. If someone truly loves you, they will care enough to speak up if you are wrong — and we are all wrong at sometime or another.

Anyone who agrees with you all the time probably does not truly love you. Love means wanting the best for the person you love. Love is giving, self-sacrificing, honest, longsuffering, long lasting. Love saves lives. We also see love demonstrated by firefighters who run into burning buildings to save people trapped inside, soldiers who sacrifice themselves for their buddies, survivors who choose to forgive those who hurt them. In every example, the one who loves forgets his own selfish desires in order to promote the well-being of the one he loves.

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Love involves self-sacrifice, even pain. Those who love are willing to risk their comfort, their lives, even the approval of the one they love, in order to do what is best for that person. That is what makes love so valuable. Lack of love really will kill you, and loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day — worse than the long-term effects of obesity.

And we fool ourselves into thinking it is the real thing. We have to be careful not to confuse love for romantic feelings, sex, or approval. That would be as dangerous as our bodies confusing carbon monoxide for oxygen which is what happens when people die from carbon monoxide poisoning. A vast number of people are looking for love in places they should never look. Impersonal technology, sordid underground industries, single-minded goal-setting…they never find what they are looking for.

Understand what true love is, and hold out for it. Look out for their welfare, give generously without thinking about taking.

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People give love out of the love they receive. While on the topic of men -- my favorite, of course -- we found ourselves debating the value of great sex.

Trey Songz-Sex Ain't Better Than Love (Lyrics)

But I definitely thought that the person who could make me scream the loudest would be the holiest of all Holy Grails. Once I went "best," it was hard to go back. We can fall out of love just as easily as we can fall into it. But I was misguided. There are simply some things in life that should take precedence over others.

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These are the things that can be felt -- just not touched. I love cookies. The chocolate peanut butter flavor is almost worth murder. But the chocolate peanut butter cookie is too rich. The more I eat, the less exhilarated I feel. The first bite is unmistakably different from the tenth. After the tenth bite, I realized that only a quick fix had me feeling over-satiated. Sometimes the greatest things are great because they make guest appearances in our lives and leave lasting impressions in our minds. It can be maddeningly impossible to stop having angry sex when you've already started the habit.