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Yes, Eleven is wearing a scrunchie, and yikes, those are a lot of dead rats. And is that a new hideous monster rising up from the Upside Down? Hint: The middle-aged moms love them some bad-boy Billy the lifeguard. Back in March, the show delivered a preview dripping with s nostalgia.

The trailer has its fun retro moments -- Dustin sprays Lucas in the face with Farrah Fawcett hair spray when the friends sneak up on him -- but it's obvious that danger still dwells in Hawkins. Hopper tries to reassure Joyce he wants her to feel safe, but who can when there's a new horrific monster lurking, plus a guy with a gun?

And it's really a shame that Mews, Dustin's family cat, met such a tragic end, because it appears rats have invaded the town.

Why is Talking to Strangers Easier?

Why is Stranger Things so strangely compelling? The show seemingly came out of nowhere in July , with a s setting and rich pop culture details. The unfolding plot includes a secret government laboratory, a young girl called Eleven, with psychokinetic powers, a creepy Upside Down dimension filled with monsters and goo, and Christmas lights that blink an unnerving message.

It boosted the sales of Eggo waffles , Eleven's favorite snack, and created an entire movement, Justice for Barb, after a beloved character disappeared from a pool and sent fans off the deep end. The third season is about to explode, and co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer say a fourth and fifth season are likely.

He also said he knows "somewhat a lot of Hopper's place in that story because the more you can know about the end of your story, the more you can set up," and that fans shouldn't fear loose ends cough -- Game of Thrones -- cough no matter when the show finally ends. Robin is described as "an 'alternative girl' bored with her mundane day job.

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She seeks excitement in her life and gets more than she bargained for when she uncovers a dark secret. Jake Busey : Busey, son of acclaimed actor Gary Busey, plays Bruce, described by Netflix as "a journalist for The Hawkins Post with questionable morals and a sick sense of humor. Millie and Eleven: Millie Bobby Brown recently revealed that she and her character are melding even more this season.

I can relate to her strength mostly. Billy, don't be a hero: The final trailer suggests Max's bullying brother Billy will be possessed by whatever evil is still lurking outside the Upside Down.

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The moms of Hawkins may think he's hot stuff at the local pool, but the summer looks bad for ol' Bill. Freeze, police! In October a casting notice looked for extras with military and police experience to film with the show in Atlanta. Both men and women, aged , of any ethnicity, are needed. Hmm, what Stranger Things plot could call for a large military or police presence?

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Could Chief Hopper be calling in a larger force to help control the supernatural side of Hawkins? Strike up the band: In September , casting notices were posted seeking people with marching band experience to appear in a Stranger Things episode. A community group? Are they to appear in a parade? And, of course, we don't know if any of the main cast members will be part of the band, which would seem to mean it could play a larger role in an episode, or if the band is just background noise. Life's a beach: Celeb site Just Jared published a photo of Millie Bobby Brown filming what appears to be a pretty dramatic scene at the beach in Malibu, California.

Stranger Things, of course, is set in landlocked Indiana, so maybe the Pacific Ocean is standing in for an Indiana lake or river. Or perhaps Eleven is taking a West Coast trip in the new season. About a week later, more snaps of the cast taken in Georgia were revealed, this time, featuring most of Eleven's friends, but she wasn't seen.

It's unclear what scene the kids were filming, and most of them were wrapped in robes, either to keep warm or to hide whatever they were wearing. Eleven's backstory revealed : Viewers have already met Eleven's mom, troubled Terry Ives, but a new young-adult novel published in February digs into her mother's past even more. Brenner Matthew Modine on the show as he tries to assemble a group of young test subjects, presumably including Terry. Five-year-old Eight, who Eleven meets when she's quite a bit older, also appears.

But in July , Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike, noted that the show will be set in the summer of , and called it "the summer of love. But his quote seems to hint that love and relationships will be a part of season 3, for good or for ill. Not everyone's romance will be all hearts and flowers, though. David Harbour, who plays police chief Jim Hopper, said his character will "take more risks with these new languages of intimacy and vulnerability," but is "going to flail and be horrible at it.

Father figure as martyr: Also in summer , Harbour told the Tampa Bay Comic-Con audience that he knows how he'd like his character to bow out. And when fans cheered the selfless response, he replied, "Now you're all happy about me dying! Strap on your scrunchies for a gander at every key moment before the next season kicks off July 4 on Netflix. Stranger Things is back. If you planned ahead, you might have already done a cheeky rewatch of the show, but let's be real here: who has time for that.

See a Problem?

Good news is we have you covered with a neat and tidy recap of absolutely everything you need to know in the lead up to Season 3. When does it start? Head here to figure out when the show drops in your timezone. Keen to know if Season 3 is actually going to be good? We have a full review here.

USED (Strangers You Know) Official Video

The nerdy but cool Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas slay imaginary monsters from a saturated brown basement in '80s-set Hawkins, Indiana. However, one night, when the crew part ways, the smallest, Will, is attacked by a shadowy monster that's far worse than those found in their dice-rolling game. Will's disappearance kicks off the odd events that leave the small town battered and bruised for years to come. While a town-wide search for Will ensues, we meet a young, near-mute girl with an unmissable shaved head, hospital gown and, oh yes, the ability to move objects with her mind.

Using that power to evade capture by generic government agents, she ends up meeting the boys mid-search for Will in the woods. They nickname her Eleven or El, after the number mysteriously tattooed on her arm, and Will secretly provides her sanctuary in his parents' basement. While a frantic Will's mom and the Hawkins Police Department Chief Jim Hopper -- who himself suffered the bereavement of his daughter to cancer -- lead the search for Will, Nancy Wheeler, Mike's older sister, and her best friend Barb nip out to a pool party at Nancy's boyfriend's house.

Occupied by Steve Harrington and his immaculate quiff, Nancy fails to notice her best friend's violent abduction by what is dubbed a Demogorgon, essentially a Guillermo del Toro Pale Man with a venus flytrap for a head.

Who Would You Trust More: Your Friend, or a Total Stranger?

It drags Barb away to the Upside Down, a frightening alternate dimension steeped in constant midnight hues. Christmas lights have never been more essential than when Will uses them to somehow communicate from the Upside Down with Joyce Byers, his ever-crazed-seeming mom. He flicks the Christmas decorations on and off to correspond with letters Joyce has etched onto their living room wall, cementing in her mind that he's still alive. The town's search leads to the local reservoir, where state troopers rescue a child's body from the water.

It's upsetting, to say the least, for the boys, but they, like Hopper, suspect foul play. Swiftly following up on the mysterious body, Hopper exposes it to be a dummy. With the conspiracy in full swing, government agents get a whiff that El, or Jane as her real name is revealed to be, is living with Mike. They and their fleet of white vans go after the friends, but before they can kidnap El again -- she was taken as a baby by the evil Dr.

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Brenner from her now near-brain-dead birth mother, Terry Ives -- El uses her superpowered mind to spectacularly flip one of the vans, allowing the friends to escape and find a hiding place at Hawkins Middle School. The boys, with the help of Hopper and their baffled science teacher, utilize a paddle pool, goggles and duct tape to build a way for El to amplify her powers to search the Upside Down for Will. But first, the bad news.

Barb, El discovers, didn't make it, and justice for her death will have to wait for season 2. The good news is that El finds Will, unconscious, but still alive. With Hopper and Joyce preoccupied with safely rescuing Will, the government agents, working with Hawkins Lab, swarm the school. Blood is spilled, attracting the Demogorgon, who's immune to Lucas' slingshotted rocks, but not to the fierce El, who disintegrates the monster, but heartbreakingly is nowhere to be seen in the ensuing cloud of debris.

It's several months later and Will is returned to his family, though the effects of his trauma remain. This is no clearer than when he burps up a black slug -- not ideal after everything he's already been through. There is a positive, however, when it comes to El. Hopper, trekking alone through the woods, deposits her favorite food -- Eggos -- in a drop box, leaving us more than hopeful we'll see our small but mighty hero once again. One year later, everything is seemingly back to arcade games, bike riding and plentiful use of the word "dingus.