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I would have handled it all much better if the lights dimmed, the petals fell, and the rest was left to my imagination. I need a mature audiences warning to avoid waking up my family with my laughter in the middle of the night. May 08, Saly rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in , rom-historical , virgin-heroines , single-titles. The heroine is a witch whose spells go wrong. The hero is a fuddy-duddy but when he is jilted he marries the heroine and didn't count on her witchiness, her goodness or anything else really.

The hero is a jerk to her many times over. But boy does her aunt make him work for it at the end to get her back.

The English Spy by Bernard Blackmantle.

I enjoyed this so much! I don't think I could ever be objective regarding this book. After all these years I'm still bewitched ;. The Duke, Alec, was raised by a heavy-handed father that drilled into him that no one in their family conceded to a love match. The harsh man had not even allowed Alec to enjoy being a child, constantly grooming him as the next stoic Duke.

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His arrogance almost cost him his peace of mind. When it came time to find a wife to produce an heir, he contacted someone to find a suitable wife. Unfortunately, his carefully selected bride rejected him by letter and married another just prior to their weddi. Unfortunately, his carefully selected bride rejected him by letter and married another just prior to their wedding day.

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A flower peddling lady told him that he would marry the next lady that he met and that his life would never be boring again. Turns out she knew what she was talking about. The woman he married was a breath of fresh air and filled his world with magic. I enjoyed the humorous bits the most and then the character's growth. I did not enjoy the explicit sexual scenes. Those I could have done without.

I feel confident the author could have conveyed the intimacy without so much detail. I did not understand why she was required to bargain with the aunt near the end.. This book is able to stand on its own. It was a lengthy stand-alone story, which I find refreshing. There is an adorable H. Unfortunately, there were some grammatical errors that distracted from the read. It is not a clean read, which is disappointing.

Due to these things, I debated on a 3 or 4 and settled on 4 in the end. If you enjoy humor, magic, and historical romance - then I would recommend that you give this book a try!

Harry Hunsicker - The Contractors - A Jon Cantrell Thriller - Book 1 - Audiobook - Part 1

Apr 15, Maria rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal-romance , historical. I absolutely loved it! It was funny and heart breaking at the same time. I didnt get much of a the Regency feeling but I didnt care. Joy, a Scottich witch, has big trouble with her magic. It doesnt always work as she intends. The results are often catastrophic.

So much so that her aunt, The MacLean, insists that Joy will go to some relatives when she is away. Joy tries to "zap" her self to the relatives but ends up in a forest.

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Alec, D I absolutely loved it! Alec, Duke of Belmore is a proud top of the ton. Everybody looks up to him but at the same time keeps their distance. Few have such cutting tongue as the Duke. When the Duke happens to find a lonely lady in the woods he of course does the right thing and takes her to the nearest inn. From then on everything changes in both of their lives. So many things happens to them on the emotional journey they take.

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She to be more responsible and he to loosen up and see the magic in life. Read it if you have the smallest interest in witches or Regency but read it mostly for the beautiful love story. Jun 30, Stacy rated it it was amazing. Love Love Love this book! Wasnt the first one ive read but it will always be my favorite! Even my "grease monkey" of a brother in law has read this and loved it! He has a signed copy! Ladies this is def. Theres one part Love Love Love this book! Theres one part in the book that all i have to do is think about it and i start laughing!

Those who have read this probably know which part im talking about May 08, Kim H rated it it was amazing Shelves: keeper. A very sweet and romantic spin on the "Bewitched" TV series, it has a permanent place on my keeper shelf.

Best Summary: Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight

The showering rose petal love scenes were simply to die for; some of the most romantic stuff I've ever read. I had a little trouble with forgiving Alec his big moment of stupidity toward the end, but I appreciated the fact that his behavior was completely in character for him. Sensuality Rating: R A very sweet, if a bit silly with the magic, romance. A couple of really sexy scenes too. Enjoyed every minute of the two hours it took me to read it. Heroine is is a combination of Inspector Gadget if he were magical and didn't have so much help and Samantha Stevens with a touch of feisty Scottish wench thrown in.

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Hero has an attitude that isn't horrible but is certainly dull and ends up making one rash decision and throwing his life into complete turmoil. HEA included. I love witches, I love humor, I love historicals and apparently, I love cold hearted, unloved Dukes that say terrible things because they don't know how to love. So good! Aug 24, Judi Fennell rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: anyone who loves a great romance and is a big fan of I Dream of Jeanie, Bewitched, etc. Recommended to Judi by: a friend who has since passed and I think of her every time I re.

Utterly adorable and fun! Dec 15, Elle rated it liked it.

She had bewitched the most serious, snobbish, and handsome Duke in England. Joyous MacQuarrie And all that his society friends knew of the mysterious lady was that she was Scottish and that her grandmother had been a Locksley. Even her fine bloodline didn't make Joy quite proper enough to be a Duchess, but a proud nobleman like Alec, Duke of Belmore, did as he pleased Bubbling with laughter, filled with spirit, she turned stately Belmore Park upside down with merriment and strange occurrences.

She might even have gotten Alec to laugh -- and to cherish her -- if it had not been for the truth she hid. Though he turned to fire when he tasted her petal-soft lips, he turned to ice when he discovered that this winsome lady was, in fact, a witch. A witch whose powers of white magic were not always perfectly under control Too late, Joy knew she was desperately in love and that nothing could stop the course of their destiny -- the scandal threatening to destroy her and the passion that held them both spellbound in a forbidden, irresistible match of two enchanted hearts.

This was a cute quick read, very Pride and Prejudice meets Bewitched But I felt like the characters weren't really well developed which is important when your lead character is a witch, witches tend to be complicated and need explaining Her Aunt, also her guardian, is randomly leaving her with in the first 3 pages, the aunt is going to America Joy is supposed to be going to Surrey but accidentally crosses paths with the Duke of Bellmore Alec , Joy ends up traveling with him and marrying him with in 24 hours of meeting him Joy is literally some woman who falls out of the sky into Alec's arms they get married and weird things start happening to them.

The story of there time together is very entertaining but it feels like it gets made up as you go along, everything from the limitations on her powers to Alec's family history View 1 comment. Mar 16, Mary rated it it was amazing. Her blunders landed her on the lap of Alec, the Duke of Belmore and together they experienced havoc and a sprinkle of love. It was indeed a joy to witness all the disastrous results of Joy's spells.

She made me smile when she caused the trees to fall and blocked their road. She also made me giggle when her magic "surprisingly" failed and both she and Alec landed on a heap of ice.

But I totally laughed myself silly when the ice cracked and they fell straight to the freezing winter water. He sees summer as hot and winter as cold as his heart. He even saw Joy as a way to cover his pride when his betrothed run off with someone else.