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There were some very enterprising people. Once again, I've been helped to understand ships, both sailing and steam, by Eric Hare who has been a wonderful mentor and research companion.

Trading Stocks For Beginners: Top 3 Trading Books Every Stock Trader Should Read

I had to learn about ships when writing in this period, because it was the only way to get to Western Australia. Amazon UK. Amazon US. Amazon Canada. The Book Depository. The story keeps you turning the pages with characters, who have you cheering for them or despising them. An added bonus is the opportunity to catch up with old friends in the characters from previous books. I really enjoyed these two likeable characters and observing their growing connection. Despite some of the serious issues raised in this novel such as rape and the mistreatment of women of those times, Anna Jacobs lines the story with plenty of hope, engaging characters and romantic suspense that held me captive until the last page.

I look forward to reading more in this series. The tale is charmingly, sweetly told, and I lost myself in the atmosphere that Anna Jacobs created with the detail of how passage across Africa was managed in the days before the Suez Canal was opened to shipping. The travellers must disembark at Alexandria in Egypt, then take trains overland, staying in hotels along the way, across to Suez where they board another ship for the passage to Australia. En route they stop in Singapore and visit the marketplaces, and hopefully avoid being caught up in altercations between rival tongs in the streets.

On reaching Australia, Anna Jacobs has really brought the time of the Swan River Colony to life, a time when everything was possible, such as Irish immigrants making a name for themselves, Chinese silk being traded off the backs of boats, and convicts earning a place in society.

July , sassiesam blog. Anna Jacobs is happy to be contacted about her writing and books.

Book - Life Lessons From a Red Serge

Please visit the contact page for more information. Book list Series list Book covers. Find Anna on Facebook. But if you want to find high growth stocks you have to develop a deep desire to see what the future holds and find it before everyone else does. Here we have another classic that tells you how to draw pretty lines on charts. Peter sometimes has a contentious relationship with the crypto community after some ungrateful and arrogant young traders took to calling him a fraud as he called the crypto bubble pop.

The Darvas Box: A Timeless Classic

He proved the power of classical charting and those fools who called him out are now broke and out of the market. A few things to note about this book. The first is that there is no eBook version. It came out in with the second edition hitting the stands in The book is particularly relevant to crypto traders. A savvy reader will notice the date of publication right away. Hands down my absolute favorite book on trading is Insider Buy Superstocks.

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The author made millions in the regular markets, delivering the kind of returns rarely seen outside of the modern crypto and Forex markets. This is an absolute must buy for anyone. Before you get into a single chart he talks through the mentality of a trader, how to deal with the emotional volatility that comes with risking money in the chaotic windstorm of the mad, mad markets.

But have no fear, he does get to charting in a few jam packed chapters that are better than most long books on technical analysis. He blends a bit of fundamental analysis and TA to divine his strategy and it shows in every carefully chosen example. Finally, he delivers one of the most crucial chapters of all time:.

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Very few books cover selling. The author holds for five to nine months as a stock goes from basing to supernova but he does sell. Trading is counter-intuitive and forces us to go against our nature, riding our winners instead of caching them immediately and getting out much, much later. No book covers when to sell better than Superstocks. The second big problem comes from its age.

Pictures were expensive to produce in books back then and so we get a lot of text and not as many charts as we want or need. I recommend everyone read it cover to cover. One of the biggest eye openers is how many of these patterns fail time after time, or barely give you an edge over a coin flip. What this book gives you is the ability to dig deep and study your favorite patterns in depth. What I recommend is going through it all with an open mind.

Both of them deserve to be read together as they offer a different perspective on the same reality. Faith, one of the original Turtles. Far more important is mastering your emotions and your ability to look deep into the future with great patience. While Way of the Turtle is more about the emotional journey, Covel focuses on their mechanical trading system, which is a basically a heuristic rule set designed to take the emotions out of trading and put statistics to work in your favor over the long run.

Covel takes a more skeptical view of Curtis Faith in this book so it provides a sharp contrast to Way of the Turtle. He makes a good case that Faith was a wild card who bent the rules and got special treatment while other traders from the pack deserved more credit. Covel is one of two authors with two books on this list.

See a Problem?

It just looks to confirm them and run with them. A trend follower just hops back on the rocket after it turns around for good or shorts it when its going down. This book is more about the mentality and mechanics of trading than anything else. Covel is a great writer and he backs up a lot of his research with stats that you can follow up on yourself. Here we have two books again, both by Jack D Schwager.

Both are collections of interviews with some of the most legendary traders of all time, the first one written in the 80s before the rise of algorithmic and computerized trading and the second one written in the 90s with a new crop of digital traders. Some of the traders are cagey and closed off about their systems but most of them are wide open about their successes and failures.

The two books provide good counterpoints to each other. In the first one you get an interview with Richard Dennis, the risk taking rebel leader of the Turtles and in the other you get his calm, cool and collected partner, William Eckhardt, the math genius behind their system. These books are a must reads for any trader of any stripe. This one is exactly what it says on the tin. A lot of traders ask me about the mechanics of margin trading and short selling.

This book covers all you need to understand about selling short and why you want to trade both the ups and downs of the markets. Without trading the down trends you have no choice but to watch your profits evaporate or sit on the sidelines when markets go into full on bear mode for months at a time, as we saw with the crypto market from December to March Selling short helps you profit when everyone else is bleeding to death and this is where you learn to make the kill and make it fast.

Frankly, you have no chance at becoming successful at anything without critical thinking. Just because I told you something and I seem like a smart guy does not mean you should simply accept whatever I say without examining all the evidence for yourself. Use your own mind. Look with your own eyes. See for yourself and make your own decisions.

They let other people do their thinking for them. Hot on the heals of critical thinking comes this book on eliminating logical fallacies from your thinking. Fallacious thinking is piss poor thinking most of the time. Everyone is prone to using and thinking in fallacies, even me. Almost everyone builds a system and curve fits it to past data. This book goes over all the ways people have discovered to properly test a system from walk forward analysis to Monte Carlo simulations.

Each of these methods are essential to making your system flexible and ready for any situation. No system can perform perfectly under every circumstance but testing it properly ensures that it will survive in millions of hostile environments like an extremophil e smoothly swimming through burning hot molten lava. If you plan to let computers trade your money without you in the mix then you owe it to yourself to get that system humming to perfection before you turn it loose on the digital trading floors.

Most of us are not trained in probability and statistics.

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If you cheated your way through math class like I did as a kid then you missed out on a crucial piece of the trading puzzle. I hated math because my teachers never applied it to the real world.