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More recent sources I consulted, such as Edith Hamilton's Mythology and several online sites tell much the same story of Prometheus, albeit without some of Guerber's sanitization. Unlike Shusterman's villain, Prometheus himself never broke the bonds tying him to the Caucasus mountains, but was released by the combination of a centaur's self-sacrifice and the strength of Hercules, who, in exchange for information on the location of the Golden Apples of the Hesperides, broke the adamantine chains.

At this time Prometheus doesn't appear to have any great hatred for the half-human Hercules, nor is there any account of him wiping out the Greek pantheon, or any of the "generations and generations of men blessing him for his gift". Thus it seems highly inconsistent that Prometheus would turn on humans and start wanting to suck out their souls and destroy them.

As for Prometheus' killing of the Greek pantheon leading to the sinking of Atlantis, neither Plato's account nor similar deluge myths quoted in Ignatius Donnelly's Atlantis, The Antediluvian World or L. Lastly, why Prometheus, a male Titan, chooses to employ an asexual but humanoid body and a Native American persona aren't at all clear. Interestingly, while Shusterman sets part of his story and the presumed origin of the name Okoya among the Hualapai tribe of the American southwest, the Chinook, a tribe of the American northwest, have, in their myth of the Thunderer a nasty giant named Okulam who attacks five brothers.

This major miscasting of Prometheus was just one element that made me completely unable to "buy" the premise of the book. Surely there are plenty of nasty entities in Native American mythology that could have filled in.

For that matter why was Prometheus chosen over some Assyrian or Egyptian deity? While I was unable to find any references to the name Okoya in my Native American mythology sources, I'm perfectly willing to assume that an evil Prometheus-like character occurs in Hualapai mythology, but, if so, the author would have done better to at least give one a hint that there was some basis behind the bizarre Greek-Native American cultural intersection that occurs.

Besides this, the two young women and three young men who make up the Star Shards individually have the ability to control entropy, heal, alter weather, control people's actions, and cause unrestricted growth of mainly plant lifeforms. Benson has done a good job of intermingling the two timelines and plots. The symmetry between the two plots is easy to identify, and perhaps that is what makes them such a pleasure to read.

The Thief of Souls

Perhaps this is due to the difference in style between European and American writing. In any case, once the reader has adjusted to the alternating writing styles of the novel, it becomes a joy to read.

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The graphics land somewhere in the middle, so they'll do. The games are great even the hogs are not your run of the mill everytime. I found in this game it was easy to keep up with the flow of the game which is a good thing because the hint doesn't tell you or lead you in the direction you need to go. If you lose your place you have to go from scene to scene looking for a clue of what you need which isn't a big thing.

You have a map of each scene if you find the required number of coins on that certain page. If you do then you can go to that spot just by clicking that scene. It's a pretty indepth game locking up certain parts of it until you reach bonus level at which time you start getting keys to unlock the locks and progress farther. This game is well worth your time, and as with most if not all you have different levels you can play. Hats of Amaranth Games how about the sequel "Order of Twilight".

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I like games that make me think, but that aren't so frustrating with the over-long back and forth to different scenes. Other reviews said the game was challenging, so of course I had to give it a try. So glad I did! Good story, though not that original. Great puzzles.

Hardback Editions

Nice variety of pure hidden object scenes. Great graphics. I just finished the games, on the harder mode. Took me several days an hour or so at a time. Is there a prequel, sequel? I'll play them for sure. Loved this game after I got the hang of it. Quite long but that was a good thing for me.

Game Description

Lots of different puzzles, some more challenging than others. Liked that the hidden objects were different, finding shapes and pieces instead of all lists. Got frustrated a couple of times but took break and came back and continued. Liked that the map helped you move from location to location.

Thief of Souls

Got a little frustrated when I didn't know if all tasks were completed, then found the counter in the upper right. Story was great and can't wait for a sequel. Good graphics and music. Has great replay value. This will be one of my favorite games. Fantastic game. Full of mini-games to keep your mind thinking. Not easy games, but challenging and all worthwhile. The story itself is a great maze of adventure and so, so many places to go and discover things. This rates up there with the first Mortimer Becket game and Enlightenus. It's very well thought out and runs very smoothly -- no glitches anywhere.

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I could go and come for days completing it thus a long game, which I like. Help screen was useful, though I didn't have to use it often. Highly recommended for anyone who likes Hidden Object games. Thank you for writing a review! Note that your review won't be visible right away: our team checks it before we post it publicly. Write a post! Discuss with other players! Be the first to write a forum post about this game!

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