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When passing by a charming grandfather clock, Kathryn suddenly speeds through time to The nearly identical women begin falling for men the other had detested. But will fate allow them to find happiness in another life? Maggie Mitchell, a modern Jersey girl, is left with a broken heart watching her best friend Eliot marry Gertrude. At the wedding, Maggie meets an enchanted elderly woman. Here she becomes Margaret and is betrothed to the handsome Highlander Logan. What will happen when her time expires? Gabriella Bentarrini, the daughter of two famed Etruscan scholars, has spent every summer digging up medieval castles in rural Italy.

Castello Forelli takes her in, but Gabriella soon finds herself the target of Castello Paratore. Set in , A Knight in Shining Armor tells the tale of Douglass Montgomery, a young woman vacationing in England with her boyfriend and his spoiled daughter.

Myths and Legends

After a fight, Douglass gets abandoned without a passport. She treks to a nearby church and weeps upon a tombstone. Suddenly, a handsome stranger appears and introduces himself as Nicholas Stafford. But the tombstone says he died years ago! Taking place in latest century England, this page novel centers on Kivrin Engle, a young historian.

Eaters of the Dead

She asks her boss, Professor James Dunworthy, to send her to Oxford in Despite warnings, Kivrin traverses back. However, she immediately falls ill with fever and delirium. Badri, the technician arranging her trip, also suddenly collapses. Can they stop the influenza from spreading? Wild Swan begins a historical romance trilogy about Alexandria Carrington Falconer and her descendants from to John, to help raise newborn twins.

The unlikely pair eventually build a loving marriage and emigrate to America. In the New World, readers follow the love stories of Alex and St. He meets and instantly falls for Clare, a sculptor.


They develop a close relationship and marry. Clare yearns for a child, but the Chrono-Impairment results in six miscarriages. When she finds an old locket, Emme becomes bewitched by the portrait of an unfamiliar man inside. Determined to discover his history, she travels to England. Meanwhile, in , James Knight has given up on love and its Shakesperean drama.

But then a mysterious, injured Emme shows up on his estate. As their relationship blooms, Christina dreams of three raven-haired women: Katrine, Jeanne, and Mairi. Loving Ian might cost Christina her heart and her life. In , Malcolm of clan MacKintosh awakens the lass. Kindred is a widely popular neo-slave narrative about Dana Franklin, a modern African American woman living in California in Dana is transported to an antebellum plantation in pre-Civil War Maryland.

But Dana keeps being called back and entangled in slavery life. In heartbreak, she flees and seeks solitude at a Victorian hotel in Hope Springs, Virginia.

The only problem is her room is haunted. Gina meets Drake Manton, a striking ghost stuck in the afterlife. He convinces Gina to travel back to in hopes of preventing his fiery death. Lilith must dust off her necromancy skills and help defeat powerful sorcerers called Sentinels. But then she meets a middle-class artist named Bram. Lilith faces deciding between love and loyalty to her coven. Unable to cope, her psychiatrist suggests undergoing electroshock treatments.

Somehow the therapy jolts Greta to different lives. Which life will she choose? This romantic tale centers on Meghann McCarthy, a posh lawyer in London. However, her former lover Michael needs her help fighting a ludicrous murder charge.

Meghann finds herself digging deeper into his case. The stakes are rising, but Meghann vows the Irish never give in. Best-selling author Carrie McClelland has the perfect idea for her next novel. But Carrie finds her novel feels more fact than fiction. Magnus Lane, a London chemist, has created an enchanting potion that allows time travel back to the 14th century. He finds emotional solace with a woman trapped in a loveless marriage.

But when he tries to intervene, the terrifying consequences reverberate to the present.

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Kate Sutton, a lady-in-waiting, inadvertently gets exiled by Queen Mary Tudor. Upon her arrival, mysterious events lead Kate to discovering an underground kingdom of Fairy Folk. She also meets Christopher Heron and interrupts his plot to sacrifice himself to save his niece Cecily from the Fairy Folk. Beneath the crumbling floorboards, she discovers an ancient sword. Beginning with Marking Time, this four-part series of books like Outlander revolves around year-old Saira Elian.

One day, an old graffiti tag on a London tube station sends Saira back to 19th century Victorian England. Here she meets Archer, a charming young man who explains the existence of Immortals. Lost in the Highlands is an interactive, time travel romance written by 1 international best-selling author Lorraine Beaumont. Here she encounters a Gypsy and wishes to find a hunky Highlander.

50 Great Books Like Outlander – About Great Books

Ginn, a young programmer, designs role-playing games for wannabe Vikings. Ginn is found by Heirik, a Viking clan leader facing a terrible curse. Isobel Fairfax is a typical teenage girl growing up in a s London suburb. Except her parents suddenly vanish, leaving her and her brother Charles with their sour Aunt Vinny. Isobel finds that their ancestral home in Lythe was built upon an original manor that burned in Her only joy comes from her unpublished romance novels. Until a rugged Scottish warrior starts calling her.

Elizabeth instantly recognizes the voice of the arrogant laird, but can she cross the threshold of his keep? Professor Simon Cross has devoted his scientific career to finding proof of vampires. When an experiment goes awry, Simon and his assistant, Elizabeth West, are teleported to s Manhattan.

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Excavations to install the reinforcing struts had revealed a basement of sorts, a secret room now buried again to protect the earthquake infrastructure. Diana pulled out her keys and unlocked one of the front doors. The beam of Clancy's flashlight caromed over the cavernous ceiling. He was about to call out to her. Clancy had a gut on him but his perpetual frown, lurking among his jowls, hid a kind heart. Dearborn, you got to get a life. You take your time. I'll escort you to your car when I get back.

He turned out toward the rank of double glass doors. She gave a little nod.


Clancy would be gone for half an hour at least. She checked her watch.

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  4. Memories of a Nike (Short) (Midnight Selection).
  5. Three minutes past seven. Standing in the entryway to the exhibits, she watched him push through the doors and cast his flashlight through the wall of fog. He wouldn't see anybody. Maybe there was no stalker to be seen. She spun on her heel.