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She adds that even when done in a loving way, setting limits can be stormy, but you must remain firm without getting angry. I have already attended many family functions recently, and now I need my space.

What to Do If You're Married to a Mama's Boy

Being the bigger person with your mother-in-law , as difficult as it might be, will always work to your advantage. All the experts agree that remaining cordial and respectful to your mother-in-law is the only solution.

You can maintain some distance. This should be up to you, and you should decide based on your comfort level.

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Ultimately, your husband will be the deciding factor in whether his attachment to his mom breaks your marriage. He might not notice it yet, but making you his main priority, growing up, and breaking away from his family of origin is good for him, too.

Is It OK to Think About Your First Love When You're Married? Here's What an Expert Says

If he accepts your limits and starts to put you first, then you can continue to work on developing your own family. MyDomaine uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using MyDomaine, you accept our. Product Disclosure.

If his mother wants him to run an errand, take her to the doctor, eat with her, etc. He wants daily contact or nearly daily contact with his mom either via phone or in person.

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